Our Guests of Honor:

Here are the BHS 67 faculty and staff Special Guests of Honor who were able to be with us at the Open House and Banquet. 
  • Don and Shirlene Brendeland
  • John and Pat Burns
  • Jim and Dolores Douglas
  • Pat (Larson) Dyvig and Dale Dyvig
  • Edward and Ruth Larson
  • Thomas Leimer
  • Dick and Ann Lowery
  • Gaylord Scandrett
  • Doug and Diane Schroeder
We are so very pleased that these very special guests were with us.  We cherish their friendship.
Class of 1967:

We were pleased to have all of the following at the reunion:

  • Barb (Alleman) Kaltenheuser and Rodney Kaltenheuser
  • Duane and Claudia Anderson
  • Dan and Christina Billings
  • Jerry and Pam (Birdsall) Linn
  • Bob and Linda Christianson
  • Bernie and Beth Dahl
  • Len and Rita (Denton) Hilgenberg
  • Dave and Linda (Elder) McVicker
  • Paul and Sheri (Erickson) Fischer
  • Phil and Linda (Gardner) Janke
  • Joetta (Geer) Johnson
  • Rodney and Janice Halverson
  • Les and Bev (Henryson) Miller
  • Kenneth and Connie Hermann
  • Gary and Dixie (Kahler) Minear
  • Cathy (Kappos) Stowe and Guest
  • Steve and Louella (Thompson) Larson
  • Chuck and Kathy Lee
  • Terry and Vicki Legvold
  • Phil and Barb (Lyon) Schendel
  • Lynn and Lois (Nelson) Matson
  • Steven and Jean (Meeker) Hempel
  • James and Krista (Meyer) Bowersox
  • Dan and Joyce O'Donnell
  • David and Ladonna Osborn
  • Gary Peterson
  • Greg Peterson
  • Julie Peterson and Jack Wesley
  • Cheryl (Pierce) Schultz and Guests
  • LaVern Pritchard
  • Allen and Nancy (Reinertson) Uran
  • Ralph Ross and Jane (Larson) Fischer
  • Joe and Jean Rumbaugh
  • Janice (Ryerson) Emerson and Guest
  • George and Jean Sandquist
  • Todd and Sandy (Sharpnack) Flemmer
  • John and Claudia Stensland
  • Rick Sutter and Carolyn Anderson
  • Whitey and Elaine (Thompson) Ilvess
  • James and Linda Thompson
  • Roger and Susie Torgerson

 Wasn't this fun?
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