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Dean Ryerson update letter
Dean Ryerson wrote:
"Thanks for sending the info on the joint reunion coming up in July. Good seeing all of the names on the list. Also good thinking that some of former faculty members are being invited. Unfortunately, my schedule is a tad tight that week and it appears I
will not be able to attend. In addition, we are going to be in Iowa for Father's Day celebrating with Dad, who turned 92 today. His health is slipping, so it's important that we honor him for both events at one time on Father's Day weekend.
Life is good here in Wisconsin, where I'm now working with a couple of colleges in a consultant/teaching mode, for a company working with schools on improvement models, and as part-time superintendent of a small school district near my home here in Central Wisconsin. I love the variety, the ability to have some flexibility re: schedule, and the various roles I play in this game of public education. Was awesome looking at pictures and seeing what people are now doing. Lots of good stuff. Wonderful what we are able to do with an education
from a small but quality school district. I wonder if we ever give it the credit we should? For 11 years I was superintendent of a district that was 2,000 students larger than Ames. Was great, but I'm now
equally excited about slowing down a pace and dealing with a district of 500. Smell the roses time I guess. Hope all is well with you...
Dean Ryerson"
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